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Planning Storytelling Projects

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1.  Understand & detail your project goals.


2.  Understand your community context (see mapping).


3.  Think about what storytelling can do for your community, your project:









An example from Biddeford, Maine during their Storytelling Planning Workshop:




4. Match community context to your project goals & storytelling uses:










5.  Look at the Process:





Plan Storytelling Waves, remembering to think about scale and timeframe as well as your community's capacity for such a project:




  •  What kind of soft launch will draw people to the project?  Will you invite people you hope to enlist as faciltators/story catchers later on? Will the soft launch focus on the first two circles of the map but be inclusive of all---having the high school students showcase their digital stories?


  •  Can you plan some small forays out into the communities less likely to participate?  Some kind of theme-based storytelling? Neighborhood get-togethers to explain the project and tell stories in small groups?  Informal-group-based storytelling? Some photo exhibits places around town?  Contests--team story quests about the town?  Story-trivia night with prizes?  Showings of student stories on local radio/television? 


  •  Do you have other ideas for non-verbal storytelling that might appeal to this community?  Murals? Paintings?  Photo exhibits--now-and-then-and-in-the-future?



5. Think about--


STORY GATHERING: Impact of Process Decisions on Heart & Soul Goals



Project Goal 1

  Project Goal 2

   Project Goal 3

Will We Focus on Stories &/or Storytelling?








Whose Stories Need Telling & Why?







Who Edits & Catches? Why?









Questions to Elicit

Good Stories

About H & S










Media Choices

No Tech








Local Capacity &

Training Needed for Story Gathering









Story Sharing & Story Use Impact of Sharing & Story Use on Project Goals



Project Goal 1



  Project Goal 2

   Project Goal 3

Where will the stories be shared? With whom? When?















How will the values be harvested from the stories?






How will the stories be used beyond sharing?




Local Capacity &

Training Needed for Story Sharing, Value Harvesting & Story Use










Assessing the Effectiveness of the Storytelling





Project Goal 1



  Project Goal 2

   Project Goal 3

What will be assessed? Why?

(How will the stories be used in the H & S Planning Process?







Who will do the assessment?







When in the process?






How? What mechanisms will be used?










How will you know success when you see it?







Local Capacity &

Training Needed for Story Assessment













An excellent resource on planning a storytelling project is the online (free) book, Working with Stories.

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