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Defining Story

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What do we mean by story, by storytelling?



  Nutshell definition of story within the community engagement context:


  A story is an account of a particular experience, of a specific moment in time that stands out from other moments.


  We encourage story sharers to give us the details of that experience--details of place and people and situation--

  for those details often contain important information about what exactly the person values about the community,

  or misses, or wishes to see changed. 




    Storytelling is the act of sharing the story and listening to it.  As Richard Kearney puts it, "It takes two to story."




  As we plan storytelling projects, we want to keep in mind  the relationship between the stories, the storytelling and the story listening--

  how do each play a crucial, interconnected role? 


  Often we overlook the power of listening and its impact on both listener and teller--in the building of trust, and how gathering the values

  with the storyteller preserves the authenticity of the story and offers opportunities for fruitful dialogue.






   Another way to look at the cycle of story to story sharer to story listener:














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